A changing Canada needs innovation --- and Toronto can lead the way

Citation Tapscott, D. (2016). A changing Canada needs innovation — and Toronto can lead the way. The Toronto Star. Retrieved from https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2016/05/06/how-toronto-can-become-a-global-centre-for-innovation.html. Sidewiki
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shift from a resource economy appropriate for the industrial age to an innovation economy appropriate for the digital age. p. 1

In the industrial age, powerful institutions produced standardized goods and services that were sent to passive participants. p. 1

Teachers pushed out lectures. p. 1

Now, we can all become engaged and co­create our economy, communities and city. Collaboration changes everything. p. 1

We can no longer count on big resource companies, manufacturers or banks to create jobs. p. 2

Entrepreneurship creates jobs and we need to foster that. p. 2

We need collaboration applied to everything p. 2

the most important technology bringing change in banking and many other parts of the city and country — the blockchain revolution. p. 2

Blockchain is enabling the Internet to enter a second era where we can establish trust to do transactions and conduct business and human affairs without powerful intermediaries like banks, governments or technology companies, but rather through mass collaboration and clever code. p. 2

need to think differently about transportation. p. 2

need stronger communities where public safety is delivered not just by police but by all of us collaborating through networks and where big data is the criminal’s worst nightmare. p. 2

Let’s embrace artificial intelligence for medicine p. 2

Culture is changing p. 2

open government p. 2

governments that share their data with citizens and engage us through exciting new techniques like challenges, digital brainstorms and policy wikis. p. 2

active citizenship p. 2

culture of public deliberation p. 2

elected representatives that act with integrity p. 2

Toronto and Canada both need an innovation strategy and it is my hope that this issue of the Star will act as a catalyst. p. 2